Edible Food Design Ltd. was incorporated on 5th November 2001. It is a private company owned and run by Sophie Douglas-Bate.

In the early nineties Sophie started to develop her London-based work as a freelance chef. She built-up a solid and loyal client base cooking for director’s dining rooms, television hospitality, private client dinners and lunches, together with weddings, large cocktail parties and whatever was asked of her!

As these clients all became more established and regular, she decided to find a small industrial unit in which to build a kitchen. The new kitchen enabled her to look after all her clients and their requirements.

It became obvious within weeks of opening the new kitchen that additional help was required and so she took on an assistant.

Edible Food Design was born from that kitchen and has now expanded into a healthy and flourishing company. We are now based in Battersea Reach on the river and have six full-time staff working here.

Edible’s list of well-established clients and prestigious venues in and around London is still growing. We continue to look after directors dining rooms, cater for weddings, cocktail parties, sporting events, large dinners and all nature of private events, often working with charitable organisations.